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Debt Recovery Fees

These are applicable up to a maximum recovery limit of £100,000. Wherever possible we can offer a fixed fee as set out below.  However, these fees only apply in relation to an unpaid invoice which is not disputed or unlikely to have to commence enforcement action. If the invoice is likely to be contested, for example if a response to a letter of claim disputes the invoice or a defence is filed, then the fixed costs will not apply, and we will provide you with an estimate of the likely costs incurred in perusing the matter.

Fixed fees Initial letter of claim, £75 plus VAT, Issuing the County Court Claim Form:-

UP TO £300 £35 £75 PLUS VAT
UP TO £500 £50 £75 PLUS VAT
£500 to £1000 £70 £100 PLUS VAT
£1000 to £1500 £80 £125 PLUS VAT
£1500 to £3000 £115 £150 PLUS VAT
£3000 to £5000 £205 £175 PLUS VAT
£5000 to £10,000 £455 £225 PLUS VAT
OVER £10,000 5% OF THE CLAIM £275 PLUS VAT

The Court fee is a disbursement that has to be paid on issue of the claim form.  It is paid to the Court and the Court will not issue the claim form without receipt of the appropriate fee. The defendant will subsequently be served with the claim form following which he has 14 days in which to file a defence.  However, if the defendant files an acknowledgement of service indicating his intention to defend that time will be extended to 28 days.  If the defendant indicates, in his acknowledgement that he intends to defend the claim then our fixed costs will no longer apply. Once we become aware of the defendant’s attitude to your claim, we can advise you how best the matter should proceed. However, further fees can be incurred as follows:

Costs of Entry of Judgment

UP TO £10,000 £75 PLUS VAT
OVER £10,000 £100 PLUS VAT

We would only be able to obtain judgment if the defendant fails to either file an acknowledgment of service or subsequently fails to file a defence. Once judgment is obtained, we would then need to discuss with you how best to enforce the judgment.  This would really depend upon the circumstances of the defendant, the defendant’s ability to pay and whether or not the defendant has any assets. Enforcement could be by way of, for example, a Warrant of Execution, an Attachment of Earnings, a Charging Order over any property owned or a Third-Party Debt Order. We would need to consider these with you. The fees for a Warrant of Execution are likely to be in the region of £75 plus VAT whereas a Charging Order over a property could be in the region of £500 plus VAT. It should be noted though that court fees will apply dependent upon the type enforcement sought

Insolvency For the initial issue of a Statutory Demand prior to issuing a Winding Up/Bankruptcy Petition the fee for this would be in the region of £225 plus VAT. There are no court fees payable for the issuing of a Statutory Demand but there is likely to be a process server fee for personal service which is likely to be in the region of £100 – £150.

Bankruptcy Petitions Our fees are likely to be anywhere between £1250 to £1750 plus VAT. The disbursements including issuing of the Bankruptcy Petition are as follows:-

  • Process Server fees – see above,
  • Court Application fee £280,
  • Official Receiver deposit £990,
  • Representative fees to be discussed depending upon where the hearing is likely to take place.

Winding Up Petition The fee for this is likely to be in the region of £1250 to £1750 plus VAT. The disbursements incurred here are as above save the Official Receiver deposit would be £1600 and there would have to be an advertisement placed in The London Gazette which is currently around £101.52 plus VAT. To assist you further we attach below a link which will give you an up to date indication of the current court fees applicable to your matter. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fees-in-the-civil-and-family-courts-main-fees-ex50 Please note that we are always happy to discuss the above fees and the anticipated course of action with you from the outset.

Probate Matters Pricing Information

At NGA we can offer 2 services for dealing with Probate and the Administration of Estates.

The first option that we offer is a Grant only service. Essentially this means that we will obtain the Grant of Probate or a Letter of Administration as appropriate on your behalf.  However, we will not undertake any further work as that would be left to the Executors or Administrators of the Estate. We offer a fixed fee for obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration of £495 plus VAT and disbursements.

Will Administration of the Estate This would include the above and that we would apply for the Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration as appropriate and also deal with the complete administration of the Estate on behalf of the Executor or Administrator. This would include obtaining initial instructions, provide you with advice, identifying the assets and liabilities of the Estate, dealing with the HMRC in relation to the payment of any Inheritance Tax where applicable.  Obtaining the Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration and thereafter distributing in accordance with the Estates wishes including providing full Estate accounts for approval to record all the monies received on behalf of the Estate and all the monies paid out on behalf of the Estate. Our fees for this would depend upon the complexity and the size of the Estate but would be calculated on a time spent basis. Our hourly rate for matters such as these is £201 with VAT and disbursements payable in addition. At the initial interview we will try our best to provide you with an accurate assessment of the likely costs to be involved and we will always keep you informed if our estimate needs to be revised. As we have indicated above our fees for dealing with an Estate will vary depending upon the complexity. However, where an Estate is relatively straight forward our fees are likely to be between £1250 and £1750 plus VAT and disbursements.

Disbursements These are payments that you will need to make in addition to our fees. The usual disbursements are likely to be as follows:-

  • Probate Application Fee £150,
  • Copies £1.50,
  • Will search fee £95 plus VAT,
  • Notices pursuant to Section 25 of the Trustee Act 1925 usually between £200-£300.

The above is an outline of our likely fees and disbursements and be intended as a guideline.  We will obviously be more than happy to discuss these with you at the outset and obviously update you should our estimates need to be revised as the matter progresses.

Employment Law Fees

At NGA we appreciate that becoming involved in a dispute between yourself and your employer can be very daunting and very upsetting. We offer a full range of services including advising on settlement agreements, engaging in correspondence with your employers and if necessary, commencing unfair dismissal proceedings in the Employment Tribunals. Our fees for carrying out these services vary depending upon what course of action is necessary. However, our fees for a straight forward settlement agreement can vary between £300 and £750 plus VAT.  More often than not, your employer will pay these or at least make a reasonable contribution towards them. Our fees for dealing with commencing proceedings for the Employment Tribunals will again vary depending upon the complexity of the matter. More often, our fees would be charged on an hourly basis calculated at the rate of £201 per hour with letters and telephone calls charged at £20.10 per item plus VAT. For a fairly straight forward matter in the Employment Tribunals to include the issuing of a complaint where several witnesses are likely to be required our fees would range between £2500 and £4500 plus VAT. Where the matter is more complicated we would have to discuss with and advise you of the fees on a case by case basis.

Conveyancing Fees


UP TO £99,999.00    £       500.00
£100,000.00 – £199,999.00    £       550.00
£200,000.00 – £299,999.00    £       600.00
£300,000.00 – £399,999.00    £       650.00
£400,000.00 – £499,999.00    £       700.00
£500,000.00 – £599,999.00    £       750.00
£600,000.00 – £699,999.00    £       800.00
£700,000.00 – £799,999.00    £       850.00
Over £800,000    POA

* Prices are subject to VAT

Land Registry Office Copies (each)    £           3.00
Bank Transfer fee (inc VAT)    £         35.50
AML Search (per person)    £           4.60
Indemnity Policy    Varies


UP TO £99,999.00    £       550.00
£100,000.00 – £199,999.00    £       600.00
£200,000.00 – £299,999.00    £       650.00
£300,000.00 – £399,999.00    £       700.00
£400,000.00 – £499,999.00    £       750.00
£500,000.00 – £599,999.00    £       800.00
£600,000.00 – £699,999.00    £       850.00
£700,000.00 – £799,999.00    £       900.00
Over £800,000    POA

* Prices are subject to VAT

Combined searches (approx)    £    200.00
Bank Transfer fee (inc VAT)    £      35.50
AML Search (per person)    £        4.60
Land Registry OS1 search    £        3.00
Land Registry Bankruptcy search    £        2.00
SIM    £        4.00
Land Registry Registration fee    varies
Stamp Duty    varies
DECLARATION OF TRUST    £                   100.00
LEASEHOLD WITH MANAGEMENT CO    £                   150.00
NEW BUILD  / NO HELP TO BUY    £                   150.00
NEW BUILD / WITH HELP TO BUY    £                   200.00
Unregistered property    £                   150.00
NEW BUILD / WITH HELP TO BUY    £                   200.00
Help To Buy or Lifetime ISA    £                   50.00

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