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Our divorce solicitor in Burnley and Colne specialise in advising and representing you on matters related to divorce and separation. We provide you with legal advice and support when you are seeking a divorce or legal separation, and help you navigate the legal process and resolve any related issues, such as financial settlements and child custody arrangements.

As Divorce Solicitors, we can assist you with negotiating settlements, representing you in court, and provide ongoing legal support and advice. We are trained to handle delicate and sensitive divorce-related issues with compassion and professionalism. We are also able to offer a range of funding options to suit your needs.

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    You may need the assistance of our Divorce Solicitors in the following situations when you are:

    1. Seeking a divorce or legal separation from your spouse.
    2. Negotiating financial settlements, such as property division and maintenance payments.
    3. Involved in a dispute over child custody, access, or other parenting arrangements.
    4. Dealing with complex or high-value financial settlements in a divorce or separation.
    5. Requiring legal advice and support throughout the divorce or separation process.

    We recommend that you seek the advice of our Divorce Solicitors as early as possible in the divorce or separation process to ensure the best outcome and to avoid potential legal complications.

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